There is no better testament to our work than the words of our Chicago plastic surgery patients. Please read our patient stories below to learn more about our excellent surgeons, accredited facilities and high quality care. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

“I visited three plastic surgeons before coming here. Dr. Szczerba got it right. He knew exactly what to do and how to explain it to me. My results have been fabulous.”
—N.K., Teacher

“Before having my laser treatment, my skin looked tired and dull. Janine told me to be aggressive and I would like the results. She was so right. I love my skin. After two sessions, I look ten years younger.”
—L.T., Esthetician

“What a caring and skilled surgeon. I love my new stomach! I recommend him to all of my friends.”
—P.L., Homemaker

“Dr. Szczerba explained everything to me in language that I understood. I never felt rushed and didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me anything. I always felt that he had my best interests at heart.”
—G.B., Police Officer

“Before having breast augmentation surgery, I did a lot of research and finally made two appointments. I never went to the first appointment because they made me feel apprehensive on the phone. At Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute, I talked to Kelly, the patient coordinator. I immediately bonded with her. She made me feel comfortable with the practice. When I met with Dr. Szczerba, I was impressed with the way he put me at ease. I immediately trusted him. My results were very impressive. I’m so glad I had my surgery with this practice!”
—M.S., Registered Nurse

“Years ago I had a traditional hair transplant. The recovery time was lengthy and painful. My results, however, were very good. For a long time I planned to have more hair transplanted to enhance my results, but the memory of the recovery kept me from taking that step. When I read about The Neograft System, I made an appointment with Dr. Szczerba and scheduled a session. My recovery was nothing! No stitches or staples! I had hair in three months. If Neograft is not the industry standard, it should be! Thanks to all of the staff.”
—R.L., VP of Sales

“For years I wanted hair. In one day, I got my hairline back. Six months later, I’m combing where I haven’t combed in years! Thanks to Dr. Szczerba and Neograft for my new locks!”
—B.N.M., Tech Sales

“After nursing three kids, my body needed to be updated. The Mommy Makeover gave me a flat stomach and breasts that looked great in a bathing suit. Thanks for the redo!”
—C.K., Manufacturers Rep.

“My legs have been unsightly for years due to spider veins. In two, forty-five minute sessions, I was back in shorts for the summer. The procedure wasn’t bad at all and the nurse who did it was very knowledgeable.”
—M.H., Sales

“Spider veins — yuk. I’ve lived with them for years. I finally decided to do something about them. I’m glad I chose Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute. It was quick and easy and the results were wonderful. It took only three sessions, which surprised me because I had so many. At the end of my treatment, my legs are once again skirt worthy.”
—K.P., Insurance Broker

“My ethnic nose has always bothered me. My family always said that it gave me character. I didn’t need character. I needed a smaller nose. Dr. Szczerba showed me how my nose would look after it had completely healed which eased my stress level considerably. My results were everything I had hoped for. My nose now has a wonderful shape. I’m so thankful to the staff at Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute. They are all very caring and thoughtful and made my whole experience wonderful!”
—T.G., Student

“I had three consults before I saw Dr. Szczerba. When I called the office for an appointment, Kelly made me feel very comfortable. She exuded confidence which made me feel very good. When I met with Dr. Szczerba, he took an inordinate amount of time with me and answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed or pushed to make a decision like I did at a few of the other practices. I made my decision for breast augmentation surgery based on Dr. Szczerba’s skills- interpersonal and surgical-and on the wonderful treatment I received from Kelly Passo, the patient coordinator. I felt like a person, not a dollar amount with this practice.”
—M.Y. University Dean