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Women with breasts that are large or heavy often suffer from pain in the back, neck and shoulders. They might also feel self-conscious or even embarrassed because of their appearance. These women can often benefit from breast reduction in Chicago – a highly effective procedure that can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s physical and emotional comfort. The breast reduction surgeons at Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute have many years of experience improving the appearance of overly large breasts. Read on for more details about the surgery.

Surgery Candidates

Most of our breast reduction Chicago candidates have large, heavy breasts that cause physical pain and psychological discomfort. These women may feel restricted by their heavy breasts from participating in sports or other physical activities that require a lot of movement. They may have grooves on their shoulders from the tightness of their bra straps. Candidates should be in otherwise good health and refrain from smoking. All candidates are asked to visit the team at Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute to consult personally with our surgeons. This consultation is a chance for the surgeons to determine the patient’s candidacy, discuss her goals, and outline an individualized treatment plan.

The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which is administered by our board-certified anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists. Your plastic surgeon will make an incision pattern based on how much breast tissue needs to be removed. An incision will likely be made around the nipple and areola, and extend from the base of the areola to the crease beneath the breast. The surgeon will remove breast tissue, skin and fat, and may resize and relocate the nipples to match the newly sized breasts. In cases where only excess fat needs to be removed, liposuction may be employed. After the surgeon has reduced the size and shape of the breasts to the predetermined specifications, the incisions will be closed and the breasts will be bandaged for healing.


Breast reduction patients will feel sore and tender for a few days after surgery, but this can be treated with pain medication. The breasts will remain swollen and numb for about a month, sometimes up to eight weeks. Patients should take a week off from work to recover, and refrain from heavy lifting or cardio workouts for about six weeks. These guidelines, as well as any other recommendations from the breast surgeon, should be carefully followed in order to lessen the risk of complications.

Benefits and Risks of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can remove volume from large, heavy breasts that may be out of proportion with a woman’s figure. Our Chicago breast reduction patients usually feel much more comfortable wearing certain types of clothing and participating in physical activities and exercise after the surgery. Risks of breast reduction are rare when the surgery is performed by board-certified surgeons with extensive experience, such as the surgeons of Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Institute. However, the risks cannot be eliminated altogether and include: infection, loss of sensation in the breast and/or nipple, permanent scarring, and asymmetry.

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