Sitting Post-Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is the new way Chicago women are getting Kardashian worthy backsides overnight! This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and can take less than three hours to complete.  The Brazilian Butt Lift not only significantly augments the appearance of your butt, but also sculpts your flanks and back.  Since the procedure uses fat from your body, whichever location you choose to draw the fat from is improved as well.  This awesome procedure makes Chicago women wonder if it is too good to be true.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is essentially liposuction of the waist area (front and back) followed by the injection of the removed fat into the buttock area.   Removing fat from the back flanks typically gives the waist a nice sculpted look while giving the appearance of a more full and “lifted” look to your backside.

If you think the Brazilian Butt Lift might be for you, call our office in Chicago or fill out our online form for your consultation today. We can answer any other questions you may have about the Brazilian Butt Lift, and can help develop and individualized approach for you.

Tip Rhinoplasty

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Working on the tip of the nose during rhinoplasty is not only one of the more important but one of the more challenging aspects of the job. Many of our clients here in the Chicago area come to us interested in modifying the tip of their nose whether it be because it’s too wide, too large, too flat or a combination of complaints.

Tip rhinoplasty is typically just a portion of an entire rhinoplasty procedure and it’s pretty rare to only need a tip rhinoplasty. In general a rhinoplasty procedure addresses several distinct anatomic parts of the nose, including the tip, the bridge, the radix (starting point of the bridge at the top of the bridge), tip etc The tip of the nose is comprised of skin, subcutaneous tissues, and the paired lower lateral cartilages that begin to form the nostrils.

The tip of the nose has several cosmetic features that can be altered during a rhinoplasty surgery. Typically we can increase or decrease the projection of the tip by manipulating the septum of the nose and the arched lower lateral cartilages of nose (the part before the nostril skin starts). Adjusting the rotation of the tip, the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, the width of the tip, and the vertical height of the widest portion of the tip, can all influence the appearance of the tip and are also often addressed during tip rhinoplasty.

Please contact us to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation or for further information.

Who’s the Best Plastic Surgeon for You?

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You don’t always have an opportunity to “interview” the doctors you see. For example, if you go the ER, you get the doctor on that day. If you go in to the hospital with a bad fracture that needs surgery, you get the orthopedic surgeon on call that day, too. But when you look for a plastic surgeon in Chicago you get to do some research and try to find the best one for you. If you’ve ever done some online dating, it’s kind of similar. You check out their profile online, look at some pictures, and if you like what you see you make plans to meet face to face.

When trying to find the right plastic surgeon for you, there are lot of things to consider, especially board certification, experience, and reviews. But what about chemistry? The best plastic surgeon for you will be one you feel comfortable with, who you feel listens and understands what you want from the procedures you choose.  There will be a lot “team work” between you and the plastic surgeon deciding on what is best for you and your body. You’ll discuss options and outcomes and because in plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, no one procedure is a “one size fits all” so a lot of collaboration between you, the surgeon and the office staff will take place. The first consultation with a plastic surgeon is probably the most important one you’ll have.

After you’ve met with a plastic surgeon there are still some important questions we recommend you ask yourself (or the surgeon if you haven’t already). Here are few we suggest:

  • Is this surgeon qualified to perform the surgery I am considering? If they are performing plastic surgery, they need to be board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Do a search online at the board’s website to make sure.
  • Did this physician truly listen to me as I explained my thoughts about the improvement I am seeking?
  • Can I work with this person? Do I think we can communicate well? Will I enjoy seeing them over the course of my surgery and recovery?
  • Is the office staff professional, friendly and accommodating?
  • Was my complete medical history taken and examined in detail?
  • Was I provided with a thorough understanding of all options available (both surgical and non-surgical)?
  • Was I pressured in any way to proceed with surgery?
  • Was I shown photographic examples of surgical outcomes that give me confidence?
  • Did he or she understand me and are they able to provide exactly what I am looking for?
  • Does this surgeon perform aesthetic surgery exclusively or is aesthetic surgery a small percentage of the practice?

Choosing the best Chicago plastic surgeon for you may require a little more work and involvement than other doctor visits but it is well worth the time and effort.